Emmanuel Community House

Project Architect - Lanigan Architects

Construction - Bianchini Builders

Photography - Rob Frith

Competed in 2021

About the Residence

The Emmanuel Community House sets a new benchmark for disability housing in Perth, providing a safe environment for six people to live together and contribute to a common household.

It helps to combat social isolation because residents can remain largely independent, socially connected and productive members of society.

The design is fully accessible throughout and prioritises a strong sense of connection; within the house itself and also to the broader community.

Shared spaces include indoor and outdoor living areas, semi-private study nooks, and multiple dining options, so that residents can seek solitude without having to retreat to their bedrooms.

Every room looks out to low-water landscaped gardens, and a range of passive and active sustainability features make the house comfortable all year round.

Combining all the social benefits of share-house living with the support of group housing, this project has the capacity to transform the lives of future residents.




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