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Twin Residences - Britannia Road, Mt. Hawthorn.

About the Residence

These twin narrow-lot homes were one of our first independently completed projects, and are still relevant to our philosophies of design developed since their completion. Built in the inner northern Perth suburb of Mt Hawthorn the lot was smaller than 500m2 in area and only 12m wide, but with the significant advantage of laneway access. The project aimed to provide the ideal design response to the growing demands for residential infill development on small lots without compromising the liveability and comfort of the resident, and to create a blueprint of ideas for similar sites.


Designed for two brothers, the side-by-side arrangement features mirrored plans to maintain construction parity and a balanced site division. We sought a universal design that was flexible enough to work with different solar access considerations as well as accommodating the personal design brief inclusions from each client. The 3 bedroom homes are built over two levels, with individual tastes dictating the interior fit-outs to distinguish each as a unique home inside.


Key to working with narrow lot homes is the entry point and circulation. Efficient planning of internal spaces to eliminate corridors and the ‘lost’ area they generate created a courtyard entry along the side of the house. This centralised the circulation from a single point while also blurring the distinction of internal and external zones within the property. Open plan living to the rear connects to a larger outdoor living space secured between house and garage, creating a spacious and light filled interior that enjoys ample space within the small lot.

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