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Client Review - Aintree Road Residence

Working with Tim on the conception and design of our home was a highly professional

experience that I would highly recommend. Not only is his eye for architectural detail second to none he really listens. We had open communication about our needs as a family living in a

home, while we also listened to his expertise on key components of good design. He lead us

through the process with in-depth knowledge and skill. 

Lanigan Architects residential home design - Aintree Road Residence
Lanigan Architects created an amazing space, perfect for our lifestyle

Often people dream of living in an architectural dream home, but working with Lanigan

Architects we not only live an a stunning architectural home with live in a home that works for a family. It has defined zones, for both noise and environmental consideration. It flows for the movement of a busy family meaning that everything “works”. We can entertain large groups of people with the children having their own area and noise while we can sit and dine. 

Tim has a wonderful sensitively to what makes a home truely environmental. We had a brief that included we wanted to utilise the Northern sun to its maximum particularly in a Melbourne winter. All of our living spaces, office and bedrooms have North facing windows which are utilised to full capacity. Tim has provided deep windowsills which not only add architectural features but provide summer shade and winter sun. Incorporated with the double glazed windows these added features make this house so amazing to live in. We have air-conditioning and heating but have a limited need for its use, this is a direct effect of living in a well designed home. 

Lanigan Architects - Aintree Road Residence - floor plan
Floorplan - Aintree Road residence

We have included solar panels and a Tesla battery - this means we live in a state of the art home, that is ascetically beautiful and has a very low impact on the environment as we are predominantly off the power grid 90% of the time. I would highly recommend working with Tim if you want to use an architect that understand how people live in a home and not just produce a house for a shiny magazine that does not work to live in! 

This is by far the best home we have every lived in and already talk about what we will do with Tim next time…. Whenever that may be. Needs for homes change as needs of families change, this home is future proofed in many ways as already it works if we have elderly relatives stay and works equally well if we have young children stay with us. This comes from the consideration Tim puts into the design.

Emma & Jason Simpfendorfer

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